Interview with Ditch The Volume

Ditch The Volume is a dynamic and innovative artist whose music combines elements of pop and electronic genres to create a unique and captivating sound. With a career exceeding all expectations, Ditch The Volume has become known for his high-energy live shows, catchy hooks, and socially conscious lyrics.

Growing up in a small town in the Netherlands, Ditch The Volume was drawn to music from a young age. As a teenager, he began playing in local bands and honing his skills as a songwriter and performer. After graduating from high school, Ditch The Volume moved to the city to pursue their passion for music full-time.

In the years since, Ditch The Volume has released EPs, each showcasing their ever-evolving sound and artistic vision. He has shared the stage with some of his biggest inspirations such as Jeremy Zucker.

Ditch The Volume's music is known for its raw, emotional power and its ability to connect with audiences on a deep level. His lyrics tackle complex social issues, from toxic love, to mental health and personal growth. By combining these weighty themes with infectious melodies and irresistible beats, Ditch The Volume has earned a devoted following of fans around the world.

Whether performing live or recording in the studio, Ditch The Volume is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in music. With his talent, passion, and commitment to making a difference, Ditch The Volume is sure to continue making waves in the music industry for years to come!


 the interview

What is the central message and core inspiration of the EP "let my loneliness feed your heart"?

This EP describes the pathway to finding yourself again after events of heartbreak, rejections and feeling like you don't know where to go.


Which song was the most difficult to write and why?


'Nice To Meet You'. It is the most personal thing I wrote. After going through a difficult period in my life where I felt absolutely lonely, defeated and lost, I found myself again after I met a very special someone. Sometimes it takes meeting someone new in your life for your eyes to open and to gain new perspectives. And in my case, they lead to ultimate happiness, joy and a new way of life. It's a theme to a new life, a new me, and new happiness!


What is your favorite memory when you think about the time of working on the project?


I have so many! Going to Elevate Studios in Hamburg to finish the mix for 'i could die' with Jenny Hazel & J.T. It was so fun to work in a high end professional recording studio in a different country. But also working in the studio to record soft piano at TØNE Music for 'Nice To Meet You'. And let's not forget the endless writing sessions I had with a dear friend to shape the sound of this EP. Also last but not least, recording the visualizers with Mike's Internet Corner. Mike is such a talented photographer and videographer who truly captured the vibe and feeling of this record in true perfection. But I think the most memorable thing was my first headline and EP release show with my amazing band in my hometown. We sold around 50 tickets which, for a first headline show, is something I am deeply proud of! Overall, I had the best time on every aspect of this record.


Two artists are featured on the EP. What was it like working with Jenny Hazel and RXCK?


Jenny is a lyrical and songwriting genius! I am so honoured to have worked with her on this song. Her vocals blend in with the instrumental like maple syrup on American pancakes. Sweet, smooth and tasty. Jokes aside, working with her was truly outstanding. Her mind is so creative, for example the way she wrote and came up with the harmonies. What I also really appreciated was that she really listened to the song to make it perfect. We both share the same mindset when it comes to finishing a song. Forever grateful that she shared her talent on this track with me!

Working with RXCK always seems to go flawlessly. Every session I have with him we seem to find each other on the same level. We fuel each other's creativity which is something that makes song writing such a fun process. And working with him is just a vibe really. His background in R&B / Pop really blends so well with the dreamy Indie EDM / Pop that I'm familiar with. This has also shown on our previous collaboration 'idk love' from Supernova.

What is your favorite lyric on the EP?


Cheesy, but in all honesty:
Every single one of them!!!


Your last EP "Supernova" was released about a year ago. Can you share with us how working in music has changed for you and what you took away from that year?


After Supernova I felt burned out creatively. I took a long break from any music making and focused on playing shows for a while. Once tour was over, I went back into the studio. Most of these songs were written long before Supernova. Often times I go through my voicenotes and I find pieces of guitar I recorded. I adjust them a little bit or play them differently and that's how most of these songs came alive. For example, the acoustic guitar in the intro from 'Nice To Meet You' dates back to a voicenote I recorded on December 2nd 2021. And the intro title track was inspired from a copyright free song I found when I still worked as a videographer 4 years ago. My phone holds a lot of folders of recorded sounds and little pieces of music I find in my everyday life which (most of the time) end up as songs!



EP "let my loneliness feed your heart" 

by Ditch the Volume


With its gentle, honest and confident message, Ditch The Volume, Jenny Hazel and RXCK manage to capture all the fragile feelings and transform them into a piece of hope with new perspectives and pure joy. 

"let my loneliness feed your heart"  is a powerful journey to rediscover your inner self and learn to see yourself in a new light.

- Ana (C2V)