Interview with Beshen

photos by canelle vanderfords

Who is Beshen? 

Beshen is a 24 year old self-produced,  singer songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri. He has years of vocal and performance training which is showcased in everything he does. although his niche is Pop and R&B. Beshen can do it all from Rock, Pop, Country, and Rap!

the interview

Who are you favorite artists?

John Mayer, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and Frank Sinatra.

What's your favorite quote?

Greatness comes from small beginnings.

What's your favorite lyrics from your songs?

In my new song “Something Good”, I have a line where I say, “but there’s a big fine line ‘tween fear and hope. and it’s a big long climb better bring your rope.”

By which I mean, it’s okay to be scared bc the journey is frightening, but don’t let the fear take over and outweigh the hope you have for achieving your dreams because then the journey will be that much harder. Let it motivate you instead, but that’s a fine line.


What has inspired you to do music?

My father has always been a singer so that inspired me to begin singing. But the inspiration to make music has always been deep within me and only grew because of artists who shaped me while growing, like the ones I listed. 


What is your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment is the recent success and all that’s come from it on my tiktok page. I posted a video with Stacey Ryan which blew up and resulted in me becoming friends with many of my idols including: Scott Hoying of Pentatonix, Lyn Lapid, Kira and Nivi, Fin Draper, and more!

What is your favorite album?

It’s impossible for me to name one favorite album so I have to name a few that are all kind of tied up in first place for me. Those albums are: the “where the light Is (live)” album by John Mayer, man on the moon pt 1 & 2, and Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park. If I could only use a few albums to describe myself as a person and an artist, it’s those!

Who are you favorite artists?

My favorite artists I listed in question one are the same as my musical inspirations, although I have many more i could go on and on listing, but my biggest inspiration is my dad. After years and years of working hard in his business job, he still finds the time to play gigs in his band “all4nothin’”.


Why are you doing music?

I’m doing music because I couldn’t possibly imagine doing anything else. It is truly the most important thing to me next to family. 

Your instagram bio says that you are an actor, tell us more about that.

I am also an actor! I have starred in multiple short films and web series pilots around Missouri and hope to further my career in the film industry as well as music. There’s just something about forfeiting who you are and taking a break to become someone else entirely for a project that will be immortalized forever.

Thank you, for the interview Beshen! 

21st January 2022


Review on Beshen's EP

 "I have no idea what I am doing"


Beshen tells us a little bit about his own story with his latest EP. the EP "I have no idea what i am doing" was released this year. his songs spread good vibes and make you dance, even if you might not be in a good mood and feel devastated. Beshen wants you to feel understood with his songs that are a mixture of his own emotions.

From the desire to find his joy again, about love and then about drunken nights spent emulating his broken heart to childhood memories - it's all in his ep.