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Always lurking on the internet to find popsongs for his own playlists, Richard (Colds) is a genuine musicnerd and songwriter who is obsessed with finding that sweetspot between Indie, Pop, Guitar and 80’s Synth’s. Taking inspiration from acts like LANY, Fiji Blue, Lauv and HARLOE as well as songwriters like Elliott Smith, Colds tries to blend classic popsong elements into the modern day aesthetic.

Writing, producing and mixing all his songs from out of his homestudio in Groningen, the Netherlands.
Colds received some early praise by tastemakers such as Peter Robinson from acclaimed Popblog ‘Popjustice’ where his song ‘Not Giving You Up’ landed on ‘The Popjustice Edit’ as well as Mtv host Kevan Kenny’s ‘Kevan’s Community Playlist’ and Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds: Pop’

Colds released his debut Ep in July 2022 and the song ‘Everything I’m Not’ landed on Spotify’s NMF Hungary, Neon, Vidám Slágerek and Nemazapop. Expect more music from Colds in the coming months.




Colds's advice for artists:

“I was once told by a music manager to make a verse and a chorus every week so that writing becomes second nature and your writing ability is not depended on inspiration or a perfect mood.“

"Create a clear vision you truly believe in. It gives you strength and something to lean on and to hold onto. And having a strong vision prevents you from getting distracted.  It makes you imperturbable for other people’s opinions cause you know exactly what your goal is".